csaibeestar replied to your post: Right…So.

WAAAUGH GOODBYE NELL I LOVE YOU also: you used a wilfred mott gif. you should watch doctor who!

MAAAAAAAAADDS <3 I’ll miss you too. But it’s good that we know each other IRL. That way we can still talk :3 Also, Facebook. Doctor Who is on the “To Watch Later” list, so maybe I will. Maybe I won’t.

spindletrees said: Wait are you going to make a new blog or just change this one? Cause I want to follow you on the new one if you're making one

I made a new blog already. The style of it is completely different… so I don’t know if you’d want to follow it D: There are no comedy posts, all just nice pictures of things I love, I guess. :)


Yeah I’m pretty much quitting on this blog… I’ll be mainly focused on my new blog. Yep. NEW BLOG FOR ME! So go follow all those people I gave links to earlier because those were my main sources of reblogginess. I’ll probably follow a few of you on my new blog because what you post will finally be relevant to what my blog-type is! YAY

But I’m pretty sad to be leaving this blog behind. It’s been good!

I love youuuu <3

When you only get 3 hours of sleep because you decided to stay up all night on Tumblr..


On the outside you’re like:

But on the inside:

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Dear beautiful, lovely, untalkative followers;

I love you all to bits! But I’m feeling a change of blog style coming on. If you’re going to unfollow me because you don’t like the new stuff I’ll be posting, you can always follow these guise if you like what I post. So just go follow them. Right now. <3

When Toast Ate Jam
The Absolute Funniest Posts
Awkward Moments
Tastefully Offensive  
Tori (She has a weird E.T-porn gif on her page right now… don’t be discouraged, her blog is great :3)  


don’t know where it goes


don’t know where it goes

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plot twist: it’s worse in french


today you may be feeling sad and gloomy and your hair may not be as beauteous as it usually is but at least you never bought a Kony 2012 kit



Drive Thru Floating Cup.


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have you ever tried going down the stairs on all fours


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